With new and improved automotive coming out, efficiency has become a priority. Automotive makers nowadays have focused on providing fuel efficiency and alternatives for expensive fuel.

This is one of the reasons why many drivers have switched to Hybrid vehicles as they offer better mileage. However, soon, there will be cars which will be able to take you from the ‘City of Lights’ to Peshawar.

Students from Université Laval from Quebec, Canada have actually achieved this goal with their prototype which won this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. The amazing vehicle can go 2,713.1 miles per gallon (1,153.5 kilometres/liter).


Last year, the university’s students managed to win with a prototype that could last 2,585 miles per gallon (1099 km per litre). They managed it by making the car lightweight, aerodynamic and powerful (for its body). The car only has a horsepower of two and is meant to be driven at speeds of around 14 km/h to 32km/h.

The vehicle was tested on the runways of Detroit, Michigan test track in the US.