Activision Blizzard Inc. tapped King, its unit behind the hit game “Candy Crush Saga,” to create a new “Call of Duty” mobile game, putting one of its most lucrative properties in the hands of the casual-gaming company it acquired last year for $5.9 billion.

Call of Duty, a more-than-decade-old war-shooter series made by the Activision’s publishing unit, has ranked among the top-selling PC and console games in the U.S. for years.


According to the company, the Call of Duty team is newly formed and aims to “transform the best console experience fans know and love, while also breaking new ground for mobile and redefining the genre.”

“Our approach and ambition is to be fresh, social, and highly accessible, while providing a very authentic game experience. The team will prototype extensively, have the freedom to think outside the box, and be encouraged to stretch their expertise in ways to create surprising results,”

“We’re a lean pack of developers, designers, and artists, with a shared goal and shared understanding of what we’re striving to build: a transformative and awesome Call of Duty experience on mobile that fans will want to play for years.”– King Website


There are no specific details yet on how the game will work or what it will look like. All we can see are the many job postings for the Stockholm-based studio (including art director). It is, however, revealing some of its intention with the series.

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