Pakistan’s advertising industry is undergoing changes as the use of social media increases with every passing day. In an era where the right media activation can make or break the brand, it is disappointing to see upcoming local companies making huge blunders!

A recent video posted by a local burger joint, Burger Lab has landed the brand in a pool of criticism after it purposely bashed renown fast-food joints, McDonalds and KFC during the promotional ad for their new product the ‘Whacky’.

Those who are loyal KFC and Mc Donald fans are appalled at what Burger Lab has tried to show through their unethical video.

As the person eats the burger, he gets shocked after taking a bite and all of a sudden, two figureheads representing the popular KFC Colonel and the famous clown, Ronald McDonald pop up creating an illusion that this was the best thing he had ever eaten!

 Here’s the Video Posted by Burger Lab! 

Not only did people criticize the brand but it is now being associated to a sleazy marketing stunt that failed miserably!

Being poorly shot, the video just makes you wonder who approved such a video to be aired on the company’s official social media accounts.

After being shared in a group of marketing enthusiasts here’s the response the video received: 

Is it too hard to ask for an ethical advertisement?

They believe this is the end of Pakistan’s Advertising industry

We have to admit, Shahroz Anjum does have a point. This expression does not remind us of someone enjoying their burger!

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