Even though the pandemic started in 2019, it gained momentum in 2020. Australia saw a forest fire. And Lebanon witnessed a significant blast. And month after month, the year has, in simple terms, sucked. Even as the year ends, the bad news continues to grace us with its arrival. Case in point being the strain of coronavirus mutating and becoming more dangerous.

Obviously, advertising had to make its statement as well. It always does. It doesn’t matter if the ad’s product will sell or not because it is not made for that purpose. The product is made to make the brand stand out. When they are successful, they automatically gain or retain consumers.

Burger King employed that too. In fact, they keep doing it. There was one ad where they let the burger mold away. It was hideous to look at but also very creative.

This time they wanted to define the year 2020. So instead of using words, they used their specialty, the burger. The burger, they claimed, was going to look and taste like how one would visualize 2020. Interestingly, this is not just an ad but an entire campaign. It was created by DAVID São Paulo. In that campaign, they delegated social media users to come up with the worst recipe they could think of. They were told that they had to keep 2020 in their minds as they suggested ingredients. So here is what they came up with:

Burnt buns, sultanas, overcooked noodles, sardines, jackfruit, a chicken foot, thick caramel sauce, and Tutti-Frutti jello.

Well, Burger King said, ‘Roger that.’ They went ahead and used all these ingredients to make the utterly worst 2020 burger. And if you were to think that all these ingredients in isolation might not be that bad, here is the reaction to the atrocity that some of the brave citizens of the world had when they were made to try it.

Given how we have reacted to the year, their expressions look exact replicas of us. So, I’d say that Burger King has been successful in making the perfect 2020 burger. Good work indeed!

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