Broadband Subscribers in Pakistan Exceed 23.6 Million Mark

The total broadband subscribers including the 3G and 4G users in Pakistan have crossed over 23.6 million users, marking an increase in the growth rate of subscribers each passing month.

On the other hand, the latest market statistics are showing a marked increase to over 20.6 million users in the month of November.

Pakistan’s Internet Subscriptions Grow by 344% in 2015

On Sunday, 13th December 2015, a PTA official has reported the following statistical details regarding the number of users for broadband subscribers on other platforms:

DSL – 1,563,321 users

HFC – 43,929 users

Wimax – 245,284 users

FTTH – 20,549 users

EvDo – 1,273,184 users

Others – 6,160 users

According to telecom industry experts, the main reason for this increase in the growth of 3G/4G Subscribers are portable mobile broadband devices such Evo, Wingle and Mi-Fi and many more which are about to follow.

Mobilink Becomes No.1 3G Network in Pakistan  

At the same time, Mobilink has become the highest 3G-offering telecom operator in Pakistan with over 6 million 3G Subscribers.

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