Renowned British aviator, Tracey Curtis-Taylor, landed in Gwadar, Pakistan yesterday, as part of her 13,000-mile solo journey from Britain to Australia. The 53-year-old adventurer arrived in her vintage open cockpit biplane, 1942 Boeing Stearman.

Taylor has embarked upon this journey as a tribute to the pioneering British aviator, Amy Johnson who had flown solo to Australia in 1930. As part of her journey across the oceans, Taylor will fly across 23 countries before arriving in Sydney, Australia in January 2016. Accompanying her on the journey is Prince Nikolaos of Greece.


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On landing in Gwadar, Pakistan, Taylor was received by Squadron Leader Saira Batool, a lady pilot from PAF, where PAF hosted her stay for a day.

Yesterday, the renowned pilot arrived at the Karachi airport, where she acknowledged the hospitality and honor given to her by the Pakistani forces, government and locals.

While she was warned about the security situation in Pakistan when she planned her journey a year ago, she is happy to report that the “things are quite normal”. The arrival event at the Karachi airport was hosted by Engro Corporation.

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Taylor aims to meet as many people, especially women, as she can during her stops at various countries so that she can serve as a role model and encourage them to embark upon “every sort of challenge and adventure”.

Tracey will be visiting an all-girls school, Dawood Public School in Karachi today as part of her mission.