Amjad Sabri

World-famous British band Coldplay has swoon fans and followers with their music. Recently, the band announced a new album called ‘Everyday Life’.

The band has paid homage to Pakistan’s Qawwal legend Amjad Sabri who had been killed in a shooting in 2016.

The album is topping charts but the track that stands out the most is titled ‘church’ which has an audible glance of our all-time favorite ‘Viva la Vida’ with a few samples by Amjad Sabri keening when the song ends.

In a recent interview with ENTERCOM, lead singer Chris Martin acknowledges that Amjad Sabri had great vocals and his qawwalis are beautiful.

Watch the interview below:

Pakistanis from all around the world are super proud of Coldplay’s homage to the late crooner.

Listen to the track below!

Have you heard the track yet? Share your thoughts about it with us in the comments below.

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