#BreakingStereoTypes, is a resolute initiative that seeks to eliminate the deep-rooted ignorance in our hearts & minds, ignorance that says Pathans can’t think, Women can’t drive, Punjabis have accents, Americans want to kill us all & Indians are our enemies.

It’s not a race or a country or a certain religion which is our enemy, it’s a mindset that is killing us all.

That’s the foundation behind #BreakingStereoTypes, a serious cause that is depicted in the most lighthearted issues of our environment – something that propels a clichéd mind to think outside the box of stereotypes.

TrulyMadly.com, a famous matchmaking website is the originator of this social campaign that is getting famous on the Internet, especially almighty Social Media.

Let’s take a look at some of the most Enlightening Messages that seeks to break the most deeply rooted clichés, in the most simple and pleasant manner.

1. Size Zero, What?


2. Because Men Can, Too.


3. #RIP WomenCantDrive.


4. Because Women can wear makeup for themselves, also.


5. Cuz all Men are not Dogs.


6. Yes, he can.#BreakingStereoTypes_6

7. #RIP PunjabiCliches#BreakingStereoTypes_7

8. Because, Not Always – No, not at all.


9. Because Don’t just Grow Old, ‘GrowUP’.#BreakingStereoTypes_9

10. To Zubaida Apa, with Love.




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