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Brands have found it extremely hard to sell and/or promote their products nowadays. After all, people are afraid to leave their home let alone visit the market.

So how does a brand launch a new product they’ve spent thousands and researched for months on? Virtual Reality!

Brands have now become tech-savvy and have chosen to launch their products in the virtual world rather than the physical one.

One such cool product was recently hosted by Asics, a Japanese footwear company. To put on this one of a kind show, the company shipped Oculus Quest headset to journalists and influencers around the world.

The headset was already set up, with the Asics Virtual Innovation Lab demonstration already installed on the system. All they had to do as charge it and turn it on.

Although there are a lot of restrictions that come along with this method of product launches, this seems to be the only solution by far. Whereas the plus points include no moe tiring travel, no time tables to keep up with, no disturbances and heads coming in between you and the product, and you remain Coronavirus-free!

However, if brands do mean to continue moving towards VR/ARVR tech, this will require a good amount of time as well as money to be able to provide their user base with restriction-less experiences.

We wonder when will things go back to normal, till then, stay indoors, stay safe and stay tuned to Brandsynario.

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