iPhone 11 Pro

Apple finally unveiled the very anticipated iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

However, what really caught social media’s immediate attention was iPhone 11 Pro’s triple-camera setup.

While some people took it to social media to share how the design triggered their Trypophobia, others talked about how the design reminded about stoves!

That was all the fuel needed to ignite a firey over for the iPhone 11 Pro. In no time, memes infested all social media platforms.

So much so, even brands were inspired to troll the new design like there’s no tomorrow!

iPhone 11 is Here & Its Camera Design Is Triggering Trypophobia!

1. OnePlus

2. Nescafe Sri Lanka


3. Zomato India

4. TheWarehouse

5. Wonderchef

7. Careem



9. Eyerenia

10. Tux

*Note: This is a developing story

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