Bomb Scare
Image Source: Zameen

On Tuesday, Karachi Airport experienced a bomb scare, and that created panic. And rightfully so because we shouldn’t bet our lives on the bomb being a bluff. Considering we live in a country where bomb threats are still an issue, we should be very vigilant about our security.

So anyway, on Tuesday, the staff spotted a motorbike that had suspicious bags hanging on it. A very audible beeping sound was coming from it. And officials heard it during a routine check conducted 15 minutes after 3 pm. They also saw a blinking light coming from it. The bike was parked at the Domestic Cargo Gate.

Security and the Bomb Disposal Squad was immediately involved. They came on site and disconnected power to the section. They diffused the device in time but also stated that it was not really a bomb. Instead, it was flammable material. But it was definitely capable of starting a fire. Airport police have impounded the bike, and the area was marked clear.

The motorcycle owner was tracked, and it was found that he is a guard at Royal Airport Services. According to the owner, he had installed a flashing device at the Chota Gate, Malir. He said it was just a flashing device.

Police investigated based on this statement. They verified from the mechanic who had installed the device. After verification, they have handed the bike back to the owner.

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