Now that the much-touted Bollywood movie “Shaandaar” has finally hit the cinemas, reviews for the movie have started pouring in. Starring the good-looking pair, Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor, the rom-com has been branded as “India’s first ever destination wedding flick”.

With a wisely selected release date, great round of promotions, Alia-Shahid’s electric romance equation, preppy songs; it seems Karan Johar’s movie has everything in order to reap box-office gold and win praises of the audience.

However, things did not go as fabulous as expected for Shaandaar and failed to create the anticipated uproar of excitement in the Indian cinemas.

So what went wrong for Shaandaar? Read reviews by the notable critics and movie’s viewers of the neighboring nation on why the movie turned out to be a big let-down!