bilal abbas media misleading headlines
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Bilal Abbas has had it enough for phony media houses and ‘masaladar’ news headlines for traffic. Could he be talking about a huge change our country really needs?

Bilal Abbas’ Stance

Bilal Abbas is not one to usually speak about said issues so bluntly and strongly. We wonder what sort of headline he saw that prompted him to really speak his heart and mind out this time. That too for the public!

Abbas ranted about places that self-proclaim that they are ‘media’ when they are not aware of the responsibilities of being one. Being ‘media’ requires one to be aware of ethics, responsibilities and guidelines. Some of these responsibilities include being “credible” towards the people they post about. Credibility must also be followed whilst making headlines as Bilal Abbas notes. He also said ‘you know who you are’ and we wonder who that may be.

Phony Journalism

However, in today’s day and age with the proliferation of social media into news, it’s hard. It is difficult to separate genuine news from phony journalism which is desperate from clicks and views. The latter is the same journalism that twists something out of context which often hurts the parties involved. 

Bilal Abbas calls this the ‘masaladar news’ which he always wanted to stay away from anyway. He appeals to such ‘media houses’ to not come near him or rather to leave him out from their tactics.

Love and Support from Twitter

Netizens were more than glad to read these tweets. As of now, Bilal Abbas has 1385 likes on his tweets which shows their popularity. People are glad that someone has taken a stand against this. They also added that with great power in media, comes great responsibility. His fans who love his acting were especially saddened to read his tweets. 

Here’s what they said:

What Can Be Changed?

In order to change this trend, one amendment that can be made is fact-checking. Before publishing anything, there should be a requirement to provide evidence on the basis of which conclusions are being made.

bilal abbas media misleading headlines
Image Source: Umass Online

Moreover, click-bait news should be reformed in such a way that it is not harmful to people. Additionally, those topics that spread information, spread ways that can be helpful etc. must be picked up. In short, our media is constantly a reflection of us. If we don’t become better, we can not demand our institutions to do so.

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