KARACHI, Pakistan, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile marketing platform BIGO Ads announces Rich Media Inc (“RMI”) as the authorized reseller in Pakistan.

BIGO Ads, from BIGO Technology, is an ads platform providing mobile marketing solutions globally. Covering more than 150 countries, BIGO Ads integrates mobile marketing solutions into IMO, the video and audio calling app with global monthly active users (MAU) of 210 million, and Likee, a short video creation platform with global MAU of 115 million. With its strong user base and high-quality content, BIGO Ads enriches the user portrait system and provides marketing solutions for advertisers and partners in different scenarios.

BIGO Ads utilizes cutting-edge machine learning technology, powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms, comprehensive big data analysis, and processing capabilities to support branding and performance advertising solutions for advertisers. With various advertising formats, such as Banner, Native, Video and different cooperation models like Programmatic buying, Reserved branding Ads and Auction Bidding Ads, BIGO Ads provides one-stop integrated marketing solutions for advertisers to reach the targeted audience, increase brand awareness and maximize return of investment (ROI).

RMI is an exclusive partner of Sizmek by Amazon, and Control Shift in Pakistan since 2008 and 2019 respectively. Recently, RMI inked the agreement with BIGO to sell media properties of imo and Likee to local media agencies and advertisers to drive higher return on ad spend.  RMI holds a major percent market share of digital ad serving business in Pakistan. RMI is playing a digital consultancy role in the market to facilitate the local agencies and advertisers about new innovative ad formats, ads execution strategies and ideas. RMI is known for its strategic digital advertising solutions.

BIGO Ads is glad to partner with RMI. With RMI’s in-depth understanding of the market and excellent relationship in Pakistan, as well as the rich and efficient marketing solutions of BIGO Ads, they will provide advertisers with a better service and achieve marketing objectives.

Now BIGO Ads is ready in Pakistan, we are looking forward to new collaboration opportunities with local businesses.

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