Everyone thought the world was going to hell. Donald Trump was sworn in as President. All the women and many men took part in the ‘Women’s March’ protest against him. Muslims from seven different countries and refugees were barred from entering the USA. The future looked very gloomy. Then Beyonce announced she was expecting twins and everything became well with the world again.

The above gif has been included for all those who cannot sense the sarcasm in the opening paragraph. Moving on, Beyonce shared the news of her expecting twins yesterday on Instagram. Within hours it became the most liked post on Instagram, driving the Kardashians mad with envy. We wouldn’t be too surprised if one of the sisters decide to pop out triplets in reply.

As mentioned above, people are really going insane over the news that Beyonce is expecting twins. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest memes circulating on the internet.

People think Beyonce is a goddess. She is beautiful beyond imagination. So much so that we forget she’s married to JayZ and the kids will probably look a little if not completely like him.

Many people have already tried recreating the image that earned over 7million likes on Instagram.


Then this sad realization hits us all. The babies aren’t even born yet and already are richer and more successful than most of us.

Some facts to put things in perspective.

Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s daughter wasn’t spared either.

Some questioned if Beyonce will now be known as Bey-twice.


Many wondered what Beyonce’s appearance at Coachella will be like.

Many people were not impressed.

Whether you are one of the rejoicers or the naysayers, you have to admit, the news that Beyonce is expecting twins has made quite an impact. One thing is for certain, once Beyonce has the twins, we will see this happening a lot.

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