The deadly virus Naegleria has made its way towards Karachi claiming almost four lives. The recent case reported of Parasitic meningitis caused by the amoeba is the death of a 48-year-old.

The concerned authorities have now been approached to ensure that proper treatment is thought out with a major focus on the adding of chlorine to the water supplied to the citizens.

What is Naegleria?

Naegleria is a deadly brain-eating amoeba which causes an infection that can result in death.

Causes of Naegleria

The main cause for Naegleria has been said to be due to amoebas found in dirty municipal water, untreated well-water and infected swimming pools. The deadly amoeba is easily found in warm lakes and muddy waters.

Treatment of water with chlorine, basically any water that can enter a person’s nostrils has to undergo the treatment deemed fit by the Sindh health department.

Dr. Ahsan Samad, a senior medical practitioner states:

“The recent showers and stagnant water on roads are an increased risk for the amoeba that multiplies faster in polluted water.”

How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming a Victim to Naegleria

  • Avoid visiting or using water bodies that are untreated such as water parks, swimming pools.
  • Install purification plant in the main tank of your homes.
  • Chlorine tablets are easily available and can be added to the main water source for homes.

Controls Taken by the Health Department

  • A committee constituted by the government to ensure regular verification of chlorine level in the metropolis is now being reactivated.
  • Karachi Water and Sewerage Board have been approached for the same concern.
  • The officials are working towards draining the water accumulated after the monsoon rains hit Karachi.

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