Haier has recently introduced its new GF series Air Conditioner (model number HSU- 12/18SGF DC) loaded with powerful cooling features to help you stay cool and easy this summer. This is a complete DC Inverter AC with innovative features that gives you up to 67% energy saving and lowers your monthly expenses significantly.

The GF Series has an efficient ‘One Touch Cleaning’ system that self-cleans your Air Conditioner proficiently. Simply pressing a button starts the self-cleaning process and takes away all your regular cleaning and maintenance worries. It also features a Healthy Air Flow option that allows the airflow to be adjusted so as not to blow directly on your body. This is a great boon for people who are prone to allergies.

GF Series is one of the Series that can work on UPS in case of power outages. A

A small device enables GF Series to work on your Existing Home UPS. If your UPS has a minimum 500 watts of vacant load and the battery in in good health, it will give you 3-4 hours’ backup time. So continue using your air conditioner even if there is no electricity.

The GF series features the exclusive A-PAM technology that effectively reduces compressor vibration at low frequencies to save energy and deliver whisper quiet cooling/heating performance.

The GF series is affordable, elegant and extremely well designed. Loaded with advanced features, this model is guaranteed to keep you comfortable year round in summers and winters.

Features and Specifications:

  • A-PAM Technology: enables the AC to deliver maximum comfort with significant savings in energy consumption
  • One Touch Cleaning: to start a 15-minute automatic cleaning process.
  • Ultra Quiet Operation: for noiseless AC operation to give you an unhindered, peaceful sleep.
  • 4-Way Air Flow: allows the AC to evenly spread cool air throughout the room.
  • Sleep Mode: to adjust temperature and the indoor noise to a more comfortable level during night sleep.
  • Power Mode Memory (Auto Restart): to automatically return to previous operation conditions after a sudden power blackout.
  • Voltage Stabilizer (120V- 260V): to operate normally during times of high or low power supply.
  • UPS Enabled: to ensure that your AC will continue to function on your existing home UPS even during times of power outages.

OTHER SPECS & FEATURES: Environmental Friendly Refrigerant, Turbo Cooling and Heating, 46C Complete BTU, Improved PCB, Complete QC Check and Low Voltage Startup.