Batman Vs Superman Movie In Pakistan: Booking Details & Release Date


UPDATE: According to the latest rumours, there were some issues that surfaced during the Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice censor screening in Islamabad, Pakistan; some are claiming that the issues  were related to piracy.

Further rumours highlighted that Warner Bros denied giving movie KDMs till 24th March for Pakistan release. The movie is scheduled for a release on the 25th. There is no official update provided by Warner Bros or HKC entertainment, the Pakistani distributors of the movie.

Be it Superman who lands the first punch or Batman drawing blood, it is sure that the fans of the movie will not be missing out on the epic superhero battle!

The much-awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice s releasing on the 25th of March; with only 9 days left, the film has received a Universal (U) rating by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

“It was a unanimous decision made by a five-member panel,” says Mobasher Hasan Chairman CBFC.

U rating in Pakistan is equivalent to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)’s General (G) rating giving permission to people of all ages to watch the show. This further indicates that there is nothing rated R in the movie, inappropriate for children to watch.


Therefore, the present Batman vs Superman rating allows younger viewers to attend the shows without any adult supervision.

This grants the movie, based on the famous DC Comic characters a natural boost in terms of sales and revenue margin. Even though, Batman vs Superman has been given a U rating in Pakistan, the theatrical cut by North America will likely be PG-13 rated as Entertainment Weekly website reports.

A shorter version by the ratings board has been classified because of “intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality.”

The panel’s decision to air the movie without a single cut has been based on careful deliberation;

“As per the collective wisdom of the board members and Motion Pictures Ordinance (1979), the movie is fit for viewing by all audiences,” Hasan said.

Watch the official trailer of the movie below:

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice is still to be reviewed by the Punjab Board of Film Certification (PBFC) for approval.

“We were expecting to receive the prints for viewing by Tuesday, following which we would have invited other board members. But unfortunately, there has been a delay on the distributor’s side,” shared an official of PBFC.

On the other hand, the Sindh Board of Film Certification (SBFC) has also given a universal rating to the movie. “As per the Motion Pictures Act of 2012, there are only two ratings in Pakistan — universal and adult. According to that, Batman v Superman falls in the former category.” said Fakhr-e-Alam, Chairman SBFC.

The action film is to release on March 25th 2016 al across Pakistan. Directed by Zack Snyder and consisting of a stellar cast, the movie is a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel. Online and onsite booking of the movie has already started in all parts of Pakistan.

Advance tickets sales of the movie have already surpassed that of Dead pool, Avengers and Furious 7, globally. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice will be distributed by HKC Entertainment in Pakistan.

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