Bata Shoes Latest Controversial Ad Receives Social Media Backlash

In a modern day and era where you see women as competent an successful as men, there are still some who take the other gender very lightly. We have seen this occur time and time over again especially in advertising.

From tags and captions like “Look good is all you do” to “it’ll blow your mind away” women have been targeted over and over again and this time, Bata joined the bandwagon with their latest ad.

It comes to us as a surprise how a brand like Bata could have approved such an ad, but then again if other big names like Dove can make this mistake, others can too.

Dove’s Controversial Ad Sparks Debate on Social Media

Several took their concerns on social media highlighting the issue so that it can come under Bata’s surveillance.

Baaghi’s actor Ali Kazmi was the first to slam Bata for the meaningless advert

Joining him were Fifi Haroon and Meesha Shafi, thrashing the brand for taking ‘advertising’ to lowest possible level. 

Men and Women alike claimed that Bata should have at least googled before advertising such a heinous strategy.

Bata Shoes Apology

Although Bata was quick to apologize and now has removed the ad and has replaced it, the question comes down to, was it necessary in the first place?

Similarly to this ad, if a woman is happy and independent, does it mean that they are single?

Are only single women independent in this day and age?

What are your thoughts about the ad and about such ads which target women?