Two well-known local banks were fined by the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad last night. Team DC Islamabad is going on raids left and right, sealing down food chains, charging fashion outlets and now they are onto banks. The news was posted on the official Facebook page of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad as can be seen below:

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Al-Habib Bank Barakahu imposed with a penalty of Rs 15000 and United Bank Limited Barakahu Rs 10000 by Capt (R) Waqas Rashid, Assistant Commissioner (Sectt) over inadequate security arrangements in place and failing of these establishments to ensure security of the property and persons connected with it.

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Case has been registered under Shops and Security Act 1999 at PS Barakahu besides directions given to make up the security deficiencies within a week span.

UBL had made a temporary structure (Sand Bags) for the protection of security guard however directed to convert these into proper bunkers or protection shield. There was no alarm system or control room for monitoring CCTVs.

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Security guards were either non-servicemen or untrained persons without any certification from a certified institution which could lead to any kind of mishap or security breach.

Depilex, Samsung Showroom, Tutti Frutti, Sealed in Islamabad!