Seemingly, bans on everything are pretty much in fashion! Following the Indian government ‘s bar on Maggi and 857 porn sites thriving in the nation, Bangladesh has banned all Bollywood songs and movies from its state.

According to reports, the Bengla government restricted the use of Indian songs, Bollywood Bangla movies and even films from any other nation. Shockingly, the natives are even forbidden to keep Hindi songs as their cellular ring tones and caller tones. Also , the country’s telecom operators  have been strictly told to avoid the use of tunes of B-town as Value Added Services.

Bangladesh has banned Bollywood as a part of their new  import policy and to ensure nothing overshadows their own entertainment industry-Dhallywood.

”Import policy bars the import of Indian or sub-continental films to Bangladesh. That is why songs of those (films) can’t be used as welcome tune or ringtone.” informed the lawyer Mehedi Hasan Chowdhury, who was representing the party who filed the petition for ban on Bollywood.

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This is not the first time the Bengals have restricted Hindi movies. Since its independence, cinemas of Bangladesh have never opened doors for India’s entertainment. Stretching to four decades, the restriction was finally uplifted in 2010.

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