It is no secret that Reham Khan is at a full-fledged war with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman and ex-husband, Imran Khan.

Consequently, she often gets trolled by fans of Kaptaan and a recent incident that happened with Reham in U.K is no different.

A video of the journalist with her son, Sahir Rehman in a park in Kingston, England is going viral, showing a woman harassing Reham for being anti-Imran Khan.

The lady taunted Reham of having a mentality like Ayesha Gulalai and badgered her with accusations of defaming the PTI politician.

However, Reham did not lose her cool and tried to be polite to the troll. However, the critic remained committed to harassing and antagonizing her.

Even haters of Reham Khan are lauding her for showing grace and being patient towards the tormentor.

Benazir Bhutto’s daughter, Bakhtawar Zardari daughter too saw the viral incident and praised Reham for remaining unfazed throughout!

Of course, Reham responded to her with courtesy and thanked her for taking a stand against hate.

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