Badshahi Mosque Bans Wedding Photography

Badshahi Mosque

Pakistan is a land full of natural beauty, gorgeous sites, stunning landmarks, and rich history.

One such landmark which has become an all-time newlyweds’ favorite destination is the Basshahi Mosque in Lahore.

However, the mosque has now banned couples from conducting wedding photography at the iconic site.

According to the first-rate team of photographer Palwasha Minhas, Badshahi Mosque gatekeepers have banned wedding photography completely since December 19th.

On the other hand, some Twitteratis are extremely happy with this decision. Even photographers have breathed a sigh of relief as they only got 15 minutes to do the shoot!

As per a local publication, the mosque’s caretaker Abdul Khabeer Azad shared that the ban was placed on wedding photography because photographers captured inappropriate poses of the bride and groom which go against the ethics of a mosque and resulted in disturbance of prayers.

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