Babar Azam vs Zainab Abbas

Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam just gave a shut-up call to one of the country’s well-known sports anchor and journalist, Zainab Abbas.

Apparently, both personalities found themselves in a Twitter war after an exchange of words via tweets.

The argument started after Zainab Abbas called Babar Azam, Mickey Arthur’s son.

Babar Azam Reacts to Being Called the Virat Kohli of Pakistan

She wrote, “Well played @babarazam258 – loved how the boys went congratulating Mickey Arthur celebrating his “son’s” century”

However, Babar did not find anything amusing in her congratulatory tweet and was quick to hit back with an angry response.

He wrote, “Think before u say something and don’t try to cross ur limits!!!”

It is no secret that Babar is one of Coach Mickey’s favourite players. His brilliant performance has always kept the hard-working lad in one of the good books.

Zainab, being a journalist and quite involved in cricket, probably already knew, which is why she referred to him as the coach’s son as an inside joke. However, the cricketer did not find it amusing and rather found it to be demeaning.

The exchange of tweets has started a social media frenzy. Memes and jokes are being shared left, right and centre!

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Social Media Reacts to Babar Azam & Zainab Abbas’ Twitter War!

Do you think Zainab’s comment to Babar was justified? What about his response? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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