Baaghi, the most awaited drama of 2017, aired its first episode last night. This drama showcases the life of the very young and daring Qandeel Baloch and how the society turned her into the social media sensation that we knew.

The project boasts the creme de la creme of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, featuring the brilliant Saba Qamar, Ali Kazmi, Osman Khalid Butt, Sarmad Khoosat, Khalid Malik and veteran actor Irfan Khoosat.

The first episode opened to Fauzia Batool played by Saba being a bold girl who was tied within the boundaries of her family because of the conservative culture of the village and was denied any sort of formal education despite wanting to study.

Fauzia, being a village girl, stood against domestic violence, which was very common in her village. Baaghi portrays Qandeel as a girl with a bold yet charming personality who was also the eye candy for her village boys.

Fauzia’s family issues were shown where her elder brother and sister-in-law disliked Fauzia’s daring and vivacious personality. Many times, her brother tried to physically harm her in the name of honor, which was quite evident in the first episode.

Qandeel’s love interest Sajid (Ali Kazmi) makes an entry towards the end of the episode. He has recently shifted from Dubai to the village and is also the brother of Qandeel’s Bhabi, falls in love with Fauzia, but she, being a girl who trusts no man because of their vicious nature, did not reciprocate his feelings.

The star dialogue from the episode that truly embodied the social media sensation’s nature was:

“Waisay Mai Apna Shehzada Khud Hun, [I am my own PRINCE CHARMING]”

It gives us an understanding of what Qandeel was truly like, even as a normal village girl she had the spark and the urge to shine and dream big!

Urdu1’s Baaghi is directed by Farooq Rind, produced by Nina Kashif and penned down by Shazia Khan. The veteran Umera Ahmed has written the screenplay of the serial.

We can’t wait to see how Fauzia’s journey into becoming Qandeel unfolds. Saba Qamar nails her portrayal of Qandeel and leaves us asking for more. The drama airs every Thursday at 8 pm only on Urdu1.

Baaghi’s Trailer is Out and Pakistani’s are Loving It!

Contributed by: Umaima Nadeem

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