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Azeem Khan has found himself in the midst of another controversy: is it legitimate or just another claim to fame?

Break Up With Saba Qamar

The man who became popular after news got out that he was going to be the husband of Saba Qamar soon lost that title. In only a few days, the couple broke the news that they are not getting married after all.


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Azeem Khan since then has been playing the trope of the ashiq who admits his fault and will forever be in love. However, what has he found himself in now?

The ‘Private Group’ Controversy

Some allegations of harassment came against Azeem Khan. News has it that several women collectively accused Azeem Khan of harassing them and then this rumour took to the wind. Considering he had recently been associated with none other than Qamar, these rumours were even more controversial.

How Does He Address Them?

Like anyone else, he chose to address the rumours and clear his image. However, in doing so he has made the matters worse for himself as many are saying!


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Azeem Khan poses himself as the saviour for Pakistan and its morality by “exposing” private groups where immorality is at its peak. He spoke at length about several groups where profiles of men were shared without their consent and discussed. His argument essentially focused on how ‘wrong’ this act was and why it must be exposed. However, why was he a part of such groups anyway? He does not address that.

“Soul Bitches”

Soul Bitches is a very famous group in Pakistan on Facebook. It has over 32 thousand group members and has been contended to be a “liberal, safe space” for people from all groups.

azeem khan response
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Azeem Khan essentially highlights some “rules” of the group: they do not admit you if you do not support homosexuality etc. Moreover, if you do support religious scholars, you will not be admitted. To highlight these rules as strange would perhaps not be valid considering, this is a specific place for a specific kind of people. If you do not agree, why join?

Then he continued to talk about some kinds of posts in the group which could be “paid” and are used to deter the youth. However, what makes him so sure these are paid and not the reality of Pakistan?

Failed Attempt

His attempt to be the righteous hero in Pakistan have somewhat failed considering the loopholes in his arguments. Moreover, people are accusing him of being the embodiment of “not all men” which is as bad as it gets.

azeem khan response
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