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Ayyan Ali, the supermodel alleged for money laundering case, has decided to come back to Pakistan and fight her case with a fresh start.

Ayyan took to Instagram and wrote her mind out. According to the model, she was unable to lead her case that well in the past as she was going through mental and health issues.

The model has announced to hire new lawyers for her ongoing cases, saying she will defend herself against the false accusation that was implicated towards her without any proof.

Referring to the video of the day she got arrested at the airport, Ayyan mentioned that various other political personalities were also accompanying her at the airport. However, they were not included in any trial or investigation.

Apparently, this is the video Ayyan Ali is referring to in her Insta story!

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Ayyan further added that her personal life did not harm the country in any way, but people took her case a source of entertainment, uttering whatever they liked.

She has now declared to stand up for herself and prove all those rumors and accusations wrong that didn’t just cost her mental and physical health but also her career, that was at its peak.

In 2015, Ayyan was arrested for an attempt to smuggle a huge amount of cash out of the country from Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad after $508,000 were recovered from her possession, followed by a 14-day judicial remand.

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Her name was also put on the Exit Control List (ECL) that got lifted earlier this year and Ayyan was able to travel out of the country again.

A few days back, Ayyan Ali shared that she will be coming back to Pakistan after getting done with her treatment and final checkups soon.

Let’s see how Ayyan Ali is going to deal with her case now and if she has enough evidence to defend herself.

Considering the current political situation in the country, this news is going to further intensify the situation.

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