Another new drama on HUM TV is being launched by the name of “Aye Zindagi” and its OST has been sung by the melodic Quratulain Baloch.

Composed by Waqar Ali, this OST may not be as impact-ful as that of Humsafar however, it is lyrically beautiful.

Replete with soulful lyrics, and poignant composition, it is a must-listen track.

The couplet “Dil men basa hai mere andeshon ka jahan, Aye Zindagi aj waqt rok lo na” renders a very genuine feel to the song.

The drama, Aye Zindagi has a promising trailer set with twists and turns in the plot. It is the directorial venture of Adnan Wai Qureshi and stars Sakina Samo, Manzoor Qureshi, Sidra Batool, Affan Waheed Qureshi, Zarnish Khan, Hassan Niazi, Mosin,Gillani and Syed Mazhar Ali.

Written by Saira Arif, Aye Zindagi will replace ‘Mehram’ every Thursday at 8 PM from Hum TV.


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