Automobile’s Premium Value is Touching Sky High! [View New Rates]

    Automobiles have been in the news lately for a lot of different reasons. At first, it was because of the sudden increase in the price as imported auto parts just got a whole lot expensive.

    Then, we came to know that there are about 7,000 units stuck at Karachi Port as they are not being able to be cleared by Customs due to payment issues.

    Not too long ago, Indus Motors Company (IMC) also made it to the headlines for canceling 1300 car bookings and refunding almost PKR 600 million to their customers because of dealerships taking ‘premiums’.

    Toyota Pakistan Refunds Over Rs. 600 Million for ‘Suspicious’ Bookings

    Premiums are payments future car owners make to a dealership so that they can receive their vehicle before the expected arrival time (5-8 months). However, the practice of paying premiums is unethical and is not encouraged by manufacturers as it discourages customers because they were taken advantage of.

    Despite IMC’s try to reduce and possibly eradicate the culture of premiums, dealers are still charging the consumers, and have even increased the rates on all models, including for other makes like Honda and Suzuki!

    New Premium Rates for Suzuki

    • Mehran VX Euro II: Premium Rs 25000-30000 (3.5-4 months delivery time)
    • Mehran VXR Euro II: Premium Rs 20,000-30,000 (3.5 to 4 months delivery time)
    • Cultus VXR: Premium Rs 40,000 (2-3 months delivery time)
    • WagonR VXR: Premium Rs 120,000 (4-5 months delivery time)
    • WagonR VXL: Premium Rs 160,000(4-5 months delivery time)
    • Swift DLX 1.3 Automatic: Premium Rs 30,000 (5 months)
    • Vitara GL+: Premium rate Rs 30,000 (5 months)
    • Bolan Cargo Van Euro II: Premium Rs 40,000-50,000 (3-4 months)
    • Bolan VX Euro II: Premium Rs 40,000-50,000 (3-4 months)
    • Ravi Euro II: Premium Rs 30,000-40,000 (2-3 months)

    New Premium Rates for Honda

    • Honda City Prosmetic i-VTEC 1.5: Premium Rs 175,000 (7-8 months delivery)
    • Honda City  i-VTEC 1.5: Premium Rs 165,000 (7-8 months delivery)
    • Honda City Auto i-VTEC 1.3: Premium Rs 180,000 (7-8 months delivery)
    • Honda City Manual i-VTEC 1.3: Premium Rs 160,000 (7-8 months delivery)
    • Honda City Aspire Manual i-VTEC 1.5: Premium Rs 155,000 (7 months delivery)
    • Honda City Aspire Auto i-VTEC 1.5: Premium Rs 170,000 (7-8 months delivery)
    • Honda Civic 1.8 Oriel i-VTEC CVT: Premium Rs 280,000 (8 months delivery)
    • Honda Civic i-VTEC CVT: Premium Rs 140,000 (8 months delivery)

    Government Announces Clearance of Imported Vehicles at Karachi Port

    New Premium Rates for Toyota

    • Fortuner: Premium Rs 700,000 (7-8 months delivery)
    • Corolla XLI (VVT-i): Premium Rs 150,000 (booking to start after 2-3 months)
    • GLI 1.3 VVT-i: Premium Rs 2270,000 (booking will start after 2-3 months)
    • GLI 1.3 VVT-i Automatic: Premium Rs 200,000 (booking will start after 2-3 months)
    • Revo: Premium Rs 500,000 – 600,000 (booking to start after 2-3 months)
    • Altis Grande: Premium Rs 315,000 (booking to start after 2-3 months)
    • Altis Automatic 1.6: Premium Rs 270,000 (booking will start after 2-3 months)

    New Premium Rates for FAW

    • FAW V2: Premium Rs 45,000-50,000 (2.4-4 months delivery)

    This practice needs to be discouraged by the government and needs to be eliminated off completely.

    What is your say about this situation?

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