aurat march 2019

International Women’s Day was celebrated on the 8th of March and people around the world participated in rallies to support this year’s theme #Balanceforbetter!

#AuratMarch2019 too became a trending topic in Pakistan and we saw ladies from Karachi and Lahore, haling from all religions, ethnicity, and profession uniting for women empowerment.

However, even men did not shy away from participating in the march and played their part to defy stereotypes and seek an end to patriarchy.

With a vibrant display of powerful placards and witty catchphrases, the participants spoke up for women’s’ rights and proved that they have each other’s back no matter what!

Women’s Day 2019: Brands Get Creative to Honor Women

Here are some of the most viral messages from #Auratmarch2019 that brought some major issues under the spotlight!

1. One woman standing up for others against the most common social stereotype

2. ‘Let’s Unlearn Patriarchy Together’ to achieve #Balanceforbetter!

3. Say yes to arranging more empowering marches and less forced marriages!

4. And the creativity was simply at its peak!

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5. This one reminded us that equality begins at home!

6. This surely took the lead among the rest!

7. Elated to see Ali Gul Pir highlighting the most important issue at the march

8. A proud father supporting all the feminists!

aurat march

9. And, Adnan Malik ended the whole Lollipop debate once and for all!

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