By Ufaq Ashfaque

JULY 29th, 2013 – Audi is back with another captivating ad campaign, ‘Land of Quattro’, which tries to bring together Audi owners on one creative platform. 

The ‘Land of Quattro’ campaign encourages the target audience to participate and create their very own TVCs with the help of their Audi cars.

The duration of the ad ranges from 30 seconds to one minute and its purpose is to motivate Audi’s customers to make the most attractive and catchy TVCs.

The audience will be directed to a micro-site with the help  of the commercial. Once the traffic reaches this site, they will be able to cut and paste the ads that they have made through the camera installed in their Audi vehicles.

The best chosen TVC will run on September 29 with a credit.  The grand prize encompasses business flights to Audi GHQ in Germany, along with an ice driving experience.

Apart from the grand prize  of having your TVC run on-air, Audi will also distribute weekly prizes to other users who have put their TVC’s on the site.

This campaign will help the brand to strengthen its online presence.


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