While the whole world just cannot stop singing praises of Atif Aslam’s heroic act of saving a girl from harassment in his IBA Karachi Concert, seems like there is a twist in the tale nobody was aware of!

The guy who got schooled by Atif Aslam has finally broken the silence and revealed that he was the real victim!

A detailed account by Daily Pakistan exposes the story that the guy was part of the management team and was responsible for making sure that nobody enters the VIP section without a pass.

Read the complete tale as revealed by the guy to Daily Pakistan

The news report reveals that IBA has already started the investigation regarding the matter and people accountable will soon be brought to book!

Twitter is obviously shocked to hear the other side of the tale!

Atif Aslam Saves a Girl From Being Harassed at his Concert- Watch Video

Earlier, social media had fallen in love with  Atif Aslam! His respectful gesture was all over the web that the crooner saved the girl being harassed at his Saturday concert in Karachi.

 The episode started when a guy took to Twitter and complained about a bunch of rowdy men harassing girls at the event!

Atif Aslam was reported to have paused his song mid-way and schooled the eve-teasers like a boss!

The superstar made sure that all young girls were safe from the men misbehaving in the mob before resuming his concert!

Watch the whole episode for yourself here!


While Aslam proved to the whole world what a gentleman he was, it seems the untold story of the alleged harasser will give a whole new angle to this controversy.

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