Social media has fallen in love with the ultimate singing sensation, Atif Aslam! His respectful gesture is all over the web that the crooner saved the girl being harassed at his Saturday concert in Karachi.

The crowd went ecstatic when Aslam took the stage at around 1:17 am!

But some rowdy men crossed all lines and started harassing the female audience enjoying the musical evening!

Noticing the hullabaloo in the front-row, the singer paused his song mid-way and schooled the eve-teasers like a boss!

What is more, the superstar made sure that all young girls were safe from the men misbehaving in the mob before resuming his concert!

Watch the whole episode for yourself here!

 Then Atif Aslam turned the whole musical evening around with a heart-warming tribute to Junaid Jamshed!

Aslam proved to the whole world what a gentleman he was!

Twitter can not stop raving about our singer- turned-superhero!

Kudos to Atif Aslam for scolding the guys and stopping the nonsense on the spot! He, surely, has set an example for all Pakistani men!

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