The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has its eyes on every channel! Nobody is safe from the media watchdog. The minute any network puts a toe out of line, PEMRA hits back with a warning, sometimes a hefty fine and even a ban!

This time its target became the ARY network! And well we don’t blame PEMRA for issuing a notice to the channel.

After all, ARY dared to air a TVC that was BANNED by PEMRA!

You must all remember this seductive ice-cream ad released by Igloo!

The whole of Pakistan wondered what was the need of making this advertisement so subliminal in nature!

It was oozing with hidden sexual messages!

Well then PEMRA did what was supposed to be done! It prohibited its broadcast from all channels.

But then, ARY dared to air it and now has gotten in deep trouble!

PEMRA has also instructed ARY to remove the advert immediately or maximum before the 19th of July. In the case of repeated violation, PEMRA will proceed to take appropriate legal action against the channel.

Watch Igloo’s seductive TVC for yourself here!