Ariel takes branding to a whole new level
By Ufaq Ashfaque


KARACHI, June 6 – Ariel, the world’s largest detergent brand, recently put a unique outdoor advertising campaign in Karachi. The detergent brand has managed to successful capture the market, using different traditional and digital medium of marketing their product. The brand has also managed to earn the confidence of many customers and clients through celebrity endorsements.

The outdoor campaign was placed near Metropole, which covered different images related to the brand and a banner that showed Ariel detergent. The effort was the first of its kind to have been done in the cosmopolitan city of Karachi. However, in order to reach and capture the attention of a larger audience, such initiatives result in successful brand reception and association of the brand.

Ariel has been the market leader in the detergent industry. There has been immense rivalry among brands in the washing powder industry, where brands have been seen competing with one another through advertisements, social media marketing, digital media marketing and other gimmicks to make a difference. With detergents now entering the brand war and Ariel raising the bar in order to increase its position, new and unique varieties and forms of advertising can be anticipated.