By Zulfiqar Ali Sajwani

Apple, the innovation leader, is all set to jump in the race of bright colored phones by introducing iPhone 5C Shells in a variety of vibrant colors.

The range of colors for the shell including blue, white, yellow, green and a surprisingly, red too, were shown in a video posted on YouTube on Friday.

The colors are all classified as pastel, which would fuse beautifully with the with the iOS 7 color scheme.

In addition, rumors suggest that the C in the iPhone 5C title of this budget friendly phone standards for ‘Colors’ rather than ‘Cheap’.

Recently, pictures of a black colored model of iPhone 5C were floating in the market, but after the release of this video, it is assumed that they were fake.

With the sleek and sophisticated brand image of iPhone, this offering of new colors came as a surprise to many. Some iPhone fans are appreciating the change, while others are not really happy with it.

Every rising sun brings to us updates about Apple’s new release making it harder for tech-fans to wait for the big day on September 10th, when iPhone 5S and color(full) 5C will be launched.