Another Chinese Manufacturer to Launch Electric-Hybrid Cars in Pakistan?

    With the vast expansion of Pakistan’s automotive industry, yet another manufacturer eyes to make an entrance in the country.

    The Chinese manufacturers are planning to launch Electric-Hybrid vehicles as there seems to have been a sudden boost in demand.


    According to PakWheels, reports indicate that the car that is being considered for launch in Pakistan will cost around $9,000 (exclusive of taxes). It will have a mileage range of 120 Kilometres with a maximum possible speed of 60 km/h.The car is expected to be launched with modern features like power windows, rear camera, and internet connectivity display.


    The Electric-Hybrid is bing expected to be launched with modern-day features to provide an easy-going experience for its drivers. These features include power windows, rear camera, and internet connectivity display. However, the manufacturing of the vehicle will not be within Pakistan because they are convinced that a production of 1000 units per month will be enough to cater to the initial demand in the country.


    The source continues to add that the cost of mileage for these electric-hybrid vehicles will be Rs. 7 per kilometer. Earlier, Super-Power had also launched an electric car will 2 doors and 4 doors variants priced at Rs. 450,000 and Rs. 650,000 respectively.

    We have yet to see if the concept will be widely accepted by drivers nationwide or will it have unfortunate fate on the market, only time will tell at this point. More details about the manufacturer and their vehicle are yet to be revealed.

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