Are You Not Entertained?

The familiar sound of the beat of the musical instrument in many residential neighbourhoods used to alert everyone that the monkey man or “Bandar walla” was close by. We all have at least once in our lives seen dancing monkeys entertain an audience on the streets.

They are accompanied by their owners/masters who give them commands to entertain the crowd. They are often told to “dance like famous Bollywood actors and actresses like Kajol” or “act like Shahrukh” earning money for their owners.

However, we probably don’t know the sad reality behind the training to perform. These wild animals have in reality been through excessive torture and extreme trauma forcing them in to submission in order to provide a couple minutes of entertainment.

Monkeys are taken away from their natural habitat when they are very young. Their mothers usually shot in front of their eyes and the baby monkeys are then are sold off in different cities.

These young mammals are subjected to high levels of suffering as their owners extract their teeth and mutilate their genitals in order to tame them.

The primates are starved and beaten into submission so that they can be made to dance on their command. They are in constant fear of being beaten by the stick their owners are usually spotted carrying around with them on the streets.

The owners tie the monkeys using a rope and tug on it as an indication to the monkey that it is time to perform for the audience. These ropes also leave wounds and marks around the animal’s skin causing them unmeasurable levels of pain and possible choking.

The same goes for wild bears who put on a show for families. Many individuals are unaware that the cubs are snatched from their mothers when they are mere months old and forced out of their natural habitat

They are sold after poachers kill their mothers in the exotic pet trade. These cubs are then trained to be dancing bears through various cruel and torturous methods.

The owners, in order to have control over them, pierce their muzzle with a burning hot rod after which a rope is shoved through. Through this tactic, their movements are controlled by the master.


These bears are then starved and beaten so that they become submissive to the owner and obey each command. Not just that, their teeth are smashed in using rusted hammers which leaves open wounds attracting maggots.

The cruel methods are inflicted on these innocent creatures to beat them into fear and submission. The finally learn to obey the owner to avoid being hurt.

Day after day, humans find new ways of entertaining themselves and others using animals. Birds, parrots, chicks and countless other animals are captured and sold off to ‘entertain’. The fact that the animal suffers a great deal may not always be known but it’s time to create awareness.

Can you imagine burning coal under their feet to teach them how to walk on two? Can you imagine living in a cage, starving, forced to wear costumes and being marked with burning sticks as a stamp burns through their flesh?


Animals are not artists, they are creatures that belong to the wild where they can live freely and be in their natural habitat.

Just like us, they deserve to be happy with their families and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

Cruelty and neglect across all social and economic boundaries and media reports suggest that animal abuse is common in both rural and urban areas.

Some of the worst abuse is often reported to livestock including dancing animals.

The #AreYouNotEntertained campaign is an eye-opener which shows the hidden truth we fail to see. The campaign reveals the deep pain and sorrow these animals have in their eyes but are unable to express through their voice.

It is now high time we take responsibility and play our part in the role of bringing justice to these beautiful creations. Individuals are taking the pledge and moving this cause forward to discourage this heinous practice dancing animals.

To be a part of the campaign and take the pledge, click here for more details.

Remember, they are wild animals, not actors or artists that are professionally trained to perform, they are tuned to perform.