Smartphones have become one essential part of everyone’s life in the present era. You would hardly see someone without a smart phone. Everybody, however, does not hold the same view about smartphones. Some prefer Android, some Windows, and some iOS.

By comparing these three operating systems, customers can better understand the pros and cons of the three. The strengths and weaknesses of these operating systems are explained below:

User Interface

All three platforms are almost equal in this area. There is no clear winner as the interface of all three operating systems are colorful, stylish and elegant.

android kitkat

Windows 10 mobile has shown many improvements as compared to the previous versions and also offers an option to connect your phone to a screen, keyboard and mouse and transform into a PC.


Newer versions of Android and iOS have also shown betterment and are subtle, simple and slick.


Affordability and Variety

In this area, Android is the clear winner. The variety of Android phones is unmatched. Many different types of people are targeted with phones having different types of hardware.

android phones

Also, there are many companies producing Android phones but the producers of iOS or Windows Phones are limited.

Availability of Applications

Android leads this area too, but iOS is not far behind. Windows, however, is no where to be seen in this race. Compared to the vast number of apps available on Android and iOS, the apps present at Windows Store are quite less.


Also, the number of free apps in Android Playstore is higher than that of iOS or Windows.

The other benefit of Android or iOS is the rapid availability of application updates. Apps just do not get updated in Windows.


There are mixed opinions associated with this area. Some prefer IOS, some Android and some Windows. The megapixel rating of Windows Phones are higher than Android, which, in turn is higher than IOS.

iphone camera

However, there are many other factors influencing camera quality. The highest variety of modes is offered by Android. Even after their low megapixel rating, the picture quality of iPhones is unmistakable.

The best smart phone depends upon people’s preferences. Some people are interested in cameras while some value good user interface. Viewing the list above can allow you to judge each type of smart phone according to your interests and then go for the one you like the most.

Written by Madeeha Maqbool.