Truly the family feud brewing up between Amir Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom and her in-laws is becoming a desi Kardashian drama. A few days back, the boxer and his biwi made it to the news for missing the big fat wedding of Khan’s brother, Haroon!

While another one of their “khandaani” dramas was making waves on the web, Faryal Makhdoom again took to Snapchat to reveal why they did not grace the wedding of Amir’s brother!


It is obvious why Faryal and the children were barred from the wedding! Earlier, the model has cooked up another social media storm by posting a naked picture of his brother-in-law, Haroon Khan on snap chat.

The controversial picture showed the boxer Haroon lying nude on a couch!

Meanwhile, Haroon spoke to Daily Mail to express his disappointment over his brother ditching his big day!

It’s a pity he couldn’t be there and he didn’t even send me a message of congratulations. Bitterly disappointed

What more revelations are to come out of this whole family fiasco, let’s wait and watch!

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