The English have banned yet another Ad from American Apparel, this time for allegedly provoking sexual desires whilst showing a ‘minor’. The brand, American Apparel, has retaliated with the statement that the model shown is in fact 30 years old.

What the case maybe, the particular campaign from the American Apparel named “School Days” is facing all kinds of criticism, “the focus was on (the model’s) buttocks and more importantly her groin area rather than on the skirt being modeled,” – the British reprimand says. Check out the controversial banned ad below.

Check out the Tweet, Ads of the World has send out long time ago, showing the full controversial image about the same ad which later got banned.

American Apparel is infamous for using controversial material in their advertising. Five other Ads from the clothing brand have also been banned for the same reasons. Previously, American Apparel had also shown a Bangladeshi Model without her top, to showcase the brand’s bottoms which thankfully the model was wearing. Cleverly, the caption of the image was, ‘Made in Bangladesh’. The line ran through the model’s bare chest.

Naturally, the ad gave birth to many controversies as even the western society does not immediately approve such audacity YET, let alone a muslim model shown like this.

What do you think of this ad? should it be banned or not? Comment in the section below.


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