After a phenomenal launch of food delivery service, Amazon now enters the fine arts industry, offering some of the most fine and popular art pieces. will have work from an estimated 150 galleries, offering a variety 40,000 unique and limited edition pieces to choose from.  

This strategic move can be considered targeted the achievement of multiple objectives, benefit Amazon times three.  

To begin with, Amazon has broken the tradition of going to a museum or an art exhibition, in order to witness the art pieces, paintings and works by current artists and new sensations. 

Secondly, people from all around the world are now in a position to view, purchase and bring exclusive paintings and artwork to their homes.  The prices have set from a $200 Clifford Ross painting to a $4.87 million Norman Rockwell art piece. 

Third, Amazon is looking ahead for receiving some serious traffic, considering art lovers, artists and people passionate for art will be able to witness some of the most exquisite pieces.  

With the entry of into the fine arts industry, new strategy needs to be devised, in order to establish their fine arts section.  Through this, it would allow a niche market segment to come on board and allow the website to make way for progress.