Super-star Ali Zafar recently performed at a concert where he encountered the biggest problem that prevails in our society, the VIP culture. This type of patriarchy and biasness is a common thing people in Pakistan encounter in their daily lives.

Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam performed at the Institute of Business Management over the weekend which created quite a stir on social media for all the wrong reasons!

The university students faced biasness when they paid Rs.1500 and were asked to stand at the back while the good seats were reserved for special guests, faculty and friends of the organisers and management.

After news of the event broke over the internet, the rockstar, has finally decided to speak up against the VIP culture!

Here’s the special message that Ali Zafar has for Event Organisers and Institutions

He talks about the special treatment of a few guests which becomes a problem for the actual fans who have paid a hefty amount to come for the love of the artist’s music and to enjoy and have a good time.

Ali Gul Pir who was the host of the event also took notice of one of the student’s rant and repeated it on stage when he said, “Say No to VIP culture!”

Let’s wait and watch whether Ali Zafar’s initiative can bring a change as to how things are managed at concerts further on.

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