The Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s sexual harassment controversy has been in the news for quite some time now.

With the matter now being handled legally, the court has asked Meesha to reply to Ali’s defamation case of Rs.1 billion.

When everyone had thought (and had been hoping) that now things will finally die down, another controversy linking the two artists have surfaced yet again.

This time, it involves Meesha’s brother, Faris Shafi!

We all know how Patari has been in the spotlight for its CEO Khalid Bajwa being accused of harassment by its female employees. While the progressive startup was already facing social media wrath, it seems to have land itself in trouble even more.

According to a report by Dawn Images, Ali Zafar and Patari connived to sabotage the career of Meesha’s brother.

Screenshots of the internal communication between the integral employees of the company have been released which has embroiled Ali and Patari in another scandal!

According to the screenshots, the “Teefa in Trouble” star had asked that the placement of the track sung by Meesha Shafi’s brother, Faris Shafi and Ali Sethi be changed!

Instead of being listed at the top of Patari’s ‘new releases’ list, it was to be brought to the bottom of the list instead.

As per the screenshot, the request was entertained by Patari and the track was later brought to the bottom.

In a joint statement released by Farish Shafi and Ali Sethi to Dawn Images, they stated:

We are dismayed by this blatant manipulation of a national musical platform. It forces us to reconsider working with Patari in the future.

Despite the hoopla surrounding the matter, Ali Zafar’s team had no comment.

Using his position, connection and influence in the media industry, Ali has been accused by Twitterati of undermining both the Shafi siblings.

The uproar over the matter has caught the attention of not just the fans of the involved artists, but has also resulted in several Pakistani celebrities to step forward and voice their opinion on the matter.

Popular comedian, Ali Gul Pir expressed his disappointment over the revelation and was seen taunting Zafar. 

He was not the only one who was enraged over the matter!

Moviemaker Jami too penned down an angry tweet about how he was being called ‘crazy’ for supporting Meesha in the first place

However, various other celebrities still remain mum on the matter and we wonder when the rest in the entertainment industry will break their silence.

Well if the screenshots of the conversation between the two employees of Patari turn out to be legit, then it not only bring out the sad reality of how these influential stars abuse their power; but will also out Ali Zafar in an extremely negative light.

What are your views on the matter? Tell us in the comments.

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