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If you were thinking the commotion on the Ali Zafar-Meesha Shafi case had died down, let us correct you.

Remember the smear campaign Ali Zafar had legally accused Meesha and her team of, with proofs and everything? Well, turns out, Meesha and her team were not the only one who received notices from Ali Zafar.

Yesterday, Ali Gul Pir took to his Twitter account to open up about how Ali Zafar has sent him a notice to silence him and to put forward his statement on the matter.


Ali further added:

A self proclaimed “rockstar” didn’t like that I called him an “alleged harasser” and made a joke about him. If I got arrested for every satire piece I’ve written, I’d be a resident of Karachi Central Jail.

Ali Gul Pir has openly called out the “Rockstar” for trying to use his power and influence to shut down anyone who even calls him so much as an “alleged” harasser.

A lot of fans and followers are all praise of Pir for his display of bravery.

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