Salman Ahmad's new single

Salman Ahmad’s latest song ‘Kaise Bolun’ mortified fans to the core; with the lead singer jumping and dancing to a monotonous tone, unsynchronized lyrics, and highly energetic backup dancers, the song was a total train wreck.

The latest release did not only disappoint fans, it forced Ali Azmat, the ex- band member of Junoon to diss the singer in public, ruling out any chance of the band’s reunion.

It is no doubt ironic that the song, from his upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Rhythm’, reflects similar feelings as the title since one does not really know what to say after listening to the song.

‘Kaise Bolun’ showcases today’s ‘spiked’ Sufi Salman performing hilarious dance moves that are downright silly.

We all are aware of Salman and Ali’s rocky past; this time, however, Ali took to twitter and posted the following:

 “There is no reunion on the cards I need some time to get over #soultosoul”

However, there were surely some fans who were totally devastated by the ‘no reunion’ news, reacting hysterically to the singer’s tweet.

Have a listen to Salman Ahmad’s latest track ‘Kaise Bolun’ below:

From the lyrics to the song to the video, nothing seems to be in place for this song, coming across as crass. We really don’t blame Ali Azmat for the unwanted Junoon reunion. It totally makes perfect sense now, as the song completely tarnishes the legacy of Junoon and also Salman Ahmad’s musical talent.

The fans were totally mortified by the latest offering of the singer.

So what are your thoughts about the song ‘Kaise Bolun’ and Ali Azmat’s reaction to it? Let us know in the comments below:

Salman Ahmad Debuts in Bollywood with Movie “Rhythm”

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