Pakistani opener Ahmed Shehzad is caught on cam, preaching Islam to Dilshan.

While walking back to the dressing room the duo was caught discussing Islam after the One-Day, played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Dambulla August 30 2014.

Shehzad was clearly seen on International television saying, “If you are a Non-Muslim and you turn Muslim, no matter what you do in your life – straight to heaven!’. 

Dilshan’s reply to this statement was inaudible, but one can imagine what it must have been from Shehzad’s reply which is again, quite clear, ‘Then be ready for the fire’.

Watch Ahmed Shehzad’s Controversial Comments to Dilshan:

Speculators believe that it must be a personal conversation the two must be having, which was filmed accidently. However, Pakistan Cricket Board summoned Shehzad asking for the clarification of the matter on Wednesday, September 4th.

PCB spokesman commented on the matter, that since no official complaint was lodged by the Sri Lankan officials it seems that the two were conversing about the issue privately. ‘… having said that, PCB is still investigating the matter‘.

International community has again fueled up the matter to a level where media personnel are asking for a ban to be put on Shehzad for threatining Dilshan of the consequences of not embracing a religion.

“…a life term ban should be imposed on this so-called cricketer, banning him to play first class cricket either inside or outside Pakistan. When you ask somebody to change his religion and threaten him with the consequences of not doing so, then nothing remains personal.”

A person writes on the matter. 

Religion is indeed a personal matter and should not be shoved in anyone’s face, but it could have just been a continued personal conversation which the camera picked up unintentionally. It could just be two people talking, after all Shehzad did not express his views on Satellite TV.

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