Sabeen Mahmud is a popular name in the liberal and progressive circles of Pakistan, especially Karachi.

Shot dead in April 2015 for speaking and standing up for things others are usually to scared to discuss, she continues to live in the hearts of thousands of people who take comfort in the safe community she build around her.

Saturday saw the premiere of a documentary made on Sabeen through the eyes of her mother and loved ones at Capri Cinema.

Titled ‘After Sabeen’ and directed by German Director Schokofeh Kamiz, it records the accounts and memories of Sabeen and creates a portrait of her in a way the general world is not aware of.

The film is shot minimalistically to keep a sense of intimacy intact, and the interviewer has made sure to get only organic reactions out of interviewees. It took 2 years and 4 months to complete it.

Moreover, on October 1st 2019, a discussion will be held with the director and Sabeen’s mother.

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