Pakistani Authorities have refused to repudiate the nationality of the India-based singer Adnan Sami over the assertion of profane remarks towards his national identity. In order to seek the certificate, Adnan Sami has to defer an unconditional apology for his disrespectful behavior.

Pakistani Authorities rejected the demand for the issuance of “renunciation of citizenship certificate” to Adnan Sami over his disrespectful remarks for his nationality.

It is pertinent to know that the issuance of the renunciation certificate is obligatory for any Pakistani citizen who wants to adopt a different nationality of any other country.

A senior official while disclosing the details about the concern said that, “Why would we issue the certificate to a man who has no respect for ‘sacred’ documents.”

He furthermore mentioned a quoted line from a document that is considered to be a letter written by Adnan Sami to the High Commission in New Delhi with his Pakistani Passport attached to it. He said that the letters dauntlessly mentioned the claims that, “I don’t need the green passport anymore. I have found my home in India.”

It is worth mentioning here that Adnan Sami, 42 had conferred the Indian Ministry for the exemption of deportation charges on Humanitarian grounds five months ago. Over his request, the Indian Authorities have allowed the singer to stay in the country for an indefinite period.

Let’s have a look at Adnan Sami’s recent profile: