India has placed what-appears-to-be a permanent ban on our stars. Seems like anything “Pakistani” is not welcomed by them, even if it is just a mock-up sign in Urdu.

Just recently, a set of  Volkswagen Polo’s commercial by the Mumbai-based production house, Good Morning Films was vandalized by 40 protesters in Jaipur. The filmmakers intended to recreate a Pakistani city for the advert reported, Indian Express.

Picture courtesy: ANI Twitter

Picture courtesy: ANI Twitter

Apparently, there were miniature boards of Pakistani locations on various building and landmarks.

The boards blared the following signs:

‘Welcome to Lahore’

‘Rawalpindi Chai Wala’

‘Karachi Sweets’

According to the Indian Express, a local group called Dharohar Bachao Samiti,  works on the conservation of ancient temples. It is reported that they destroyed the sets as Pakistani banners were set up on religious sites.

The caretaker of the organization, Bharat Sharam said:

‘They had created Pakistan in the area by putting up Pakistani banners on our temples’

One of the members of the local outfit was quoted saying:

‘They had permission but that does not mean they will put up banners above Anand Krishna Bihari temple and Brij Nidhi temple’

This is not the first time an entertainment set has been vandalized in India. Earlier, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s sets of Padmavati movie was thrashed by protesters who were not in favor of a love scene being filmed between Rani Padmavati and Allauddin.

A few weeks back, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) vandalized  Zara’s showroom of clothing brand Zara in Mumbai for selling clothes manufactured by Pakistan

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